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IMCC Director

"Human Brain is a Super Computer. On an average, it makes a million new connections among the nerve cells every second of our life." so said professor Colin Blackmore from University of Oxford. Our average life span is one billion seconds. Therefore, our brain makes one million-billion connections during our life span. This indicates huge connectivity potential of brain. Realising this potential;we at MES's IMCC have adopted the new 'Learner-Centric Model' instead of conventional 'Teacher-Centric Model'. Over a period of 30 years since I.M.C.C. was established way back in 1983; we have observed that the creativity of students is multiplied several times by following new Teaching Methodologies. We consider teaching as noble and responsible profession that has to be performed with due accountability. We develop students for their careers rather than for their jobs.Students at IMCC are trained to become "Doers & Dreamers" rather than "Doubters & Drifters". Students of IMCC are simple, highly dedicated and disciplined. This is our most precious resource. MCA program at IMCC is accredited by TCS and CAPGEMINI.

IMCC celebrated it's Silver Jubilee Year with great fun and frolic; fan and fervour. 387 seater capacity air conditioned MES Auditorium is fully operational.

IMCC has had a great past & I believe, will have even good glorious future. I am sure, it is going to become "A Centre of Education Excellence" in times to come.

DR. Santosh Deshpande

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