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MES's IMCC's Vision

The basic purpose of education in a man's life is to empower him to discover his infinite potential through Self-Realisation.

In the ancient world, India stood foremost in Industry & Business. In 1001, 33% of the World Trade was India's share. Our ancestors were into global business with Europe, Middle East & South Asia. This is evident of their excellent management tactics. The central theme being : helping ordinary people to produce extraordinary results.

We need to learn from this wisdom. Producing results is not manager's job. His job is to produce performers. He would manage himself with a `We-Centered' approach.

Instead of just organizing men, materials, money & machines, the manager would mobilize men and sound out other readiness. Concurrent to setting goals and preparing schedules, he would obtain agreement and commitment on means and ends. Praise and motivate ? yes, but he would concentrate more on inspiring and empowering people. He would be visible, accessible and on the move. He would facilitate, show ways to overcome obstacles and take part in informal gatherings instead of just conveying and coordinating formal meetings.

At MES's , IMCC, we intend to produce managers who would envision and to achieve this provide leadership; not just transactional but more importantly subliminally spiritual.

Rajeev R. Sahasrabudhe
Chairman, Governing Body
Maharashtra Education Society (MES)

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